408 York Avenue

May 25, 2019
Saturday: 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Those participating in the guided 30-minute tour from the Law Courts got a chance to see the beautiful interior spaces of some of the highest courts in Manitoba. In addition to seeing Courtroom 330 (the Manitoba Court of Appeal) and Courtroom 210 (the Court of Queen’s Bench), those on the tour visited the Great Library. Hundreds of visitors nervously interacted with Courtroom 210: kids and adults alike, enjoyed sitting in the chairs of the judges, counsel and jury. While sheepish at first, more than a few put on a stern face and mimicked the motion of slamming a gavel down for silence. The tour guides patiently pointed out that Canadian justices do not use gavels. The engaging tour guides and rich symbolism of the building ensured that no one will soon forget the Law Courts.

Guided tours will run throughout the day, lasting 30 minutes, maximum 30 participants per tour.

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