1 Navy Way

May 25, 2019 & May 26, 2019
Saturday: 10:00am - 4:30pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 4:30pm

HMCS CHIPPAWA is the current home of both Winnipeg’s Naval Reserve Division and the Naval Museum of Manitoba. The original Winnipeg Winter Club, built on this site in 1910, was taken over by the Royal Canadian Navy in the early 1940s. The Naval Museum of Manitoba was established within the Division in 1980 to preserve the history and heritage of Manitoba’s Naval personnel, while a new building was erected on this same site in 1999 to meet the training demands of the modern era. A key feature of this new building is the large, two-story curved window facing Assiniboine Avenue, behind which you can see a large, four-inch, twin barrel naval gun mount of the type used on World War II ships. It exemplifies the museum’s mission: to promote the history of the Royal Canadian Navy by telling its story through the preservation and display of many important artifacts; by honoring its place in the development and protection of Canada, her people and her oceans; and to inspire a desire for learning about the significant role which the prairies, and in particular Manitobans, have played in the unfolding of this drama. It dynamically displays ‘A Look to the Past, With a View to the Future!’

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