170 Poplar Avenue

May 27, 2018
Sunday: 2:00pm

Lord Selkirk School (named Lord Selkirk No. 1) built in 1908 was named after the 5th Earl of Selkirk Thomas Douglas (1771-1820). We will start the tour with a walk through the 2nd re-building of this school which opened in 1975. Inside the halls we will hear the colorful history of the school. We will then proceed to 180 Poplar across the field from the school to learn the history of that building. There will be light refreshments, laminated maps, easel displays, information & Q&A.

The tour lasts two hours and can accommodate a maximum of 200 participants.

In regards to the weather forecast: All outdoor events will go on as scheduled if there is light rain. Events will be cancelled due to very heavy downpours or thunderstorms.

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